To Do List

What’s on today’s agenda, “TO DO LIST”?  This running through my head while washing out the slime in my 7 year olds hair at 6:30 in the morning.  In asking him “How did this happen” I kept having the same thought of these kids do not understand all that I have to do to get ready for work, get to work on time, and feel prepared to be at work and accomplish “my” TO DO LIST.  I was right they don’t understand, but he does now know that when you create a huge bubble with slime over your head that it sticks to your hair like gum.  Not a good idea like he originally thought and one he is quite regretting at the moment (please be aware that this moment is extremely short as tomorrow, heck later today he may have the same desire to see just how big he can make the bubble of slime over his head again) .

 Man how your TO DO LIST can change in a moment’s notice, even before you completely put on your makeup. My TO DO LIST started one way and now at the top is get this slime out of his hair as quickly as possible without cutting his hair, first day of school is next Wednesday and this isn’t an option.  Not only did the TO DO LIST change in an instant, but my level of skills did too.  I now know how to effectively remove slime without crying (me not him).  I wonder if there will ever be a resume that I can include the following skills: effectively removing slime, dodging nerf bullets while cleaning, jump over remote control cars racing in the kitchen while cooking, and somehow give emotional heart-to- heart talks while driving.  The professional world I’m in will never see the other, much more important, skills I have gained in my life as a mother.

The moments that cultivated and grew these skills are ones that will be over in an instant and ones that I will look back on with a huge smile and wonder how I ever made it, heck how did they make it. 

Focus for today:

Seriously do not take moments for granted no matter how crazy, frustrating they are in the moment.

Never let the stress/frustrations of work interfere with my home (being a mom)

Learn to laugh through the crazy!

Have a great and exciting day – would love to hear what caused your TO DO LIST to change today!