“30 day” Challenge – Part two

Well I promised I would keep this short so I think it would be best to put a weeks worth of daily entries in each blog. This challenge is a 30 day challenge that does not include rest days.

Day 1: I thought I was going to die. My legs felt like jello and I struggled to complete the list of exercises. I’m not being overly dramatic and I understand that the list is not filled with majorly intense items ( it is labeled “Beginners”), but I am not used to this. I told my husband “There is no way I can do this every night for 30 days.”

The next morning I was so sore to the fact it hurt to sit in my chair at work. When I would need to get up to walk to the bathroom or get a drink of water, I’m sure it looked like I had road a horse for 8 hours when I walked. I was so sore that I scared my self out of working out tonight. I am going to extend this workout for 60 days and do every other day. You have to let your body rest.

Day 2: I worked out last night even though I was incredibly still sore from my first night workout, which was two days ago. I was dreading this all day at work and repeatedly told co-workers there is no way I’m going to be able to do this tonight – I’m too sore. When I got home I made sure to go ahead and get it done. WOW I was able to do it and it didn’t really take that much of my time. I was sore but nothing that actually stoped me from finishing the routine. I am actually excited to see if I can work out again tomorrow and not have that rest day. I’m feeling good!

Day3: I worked out and I am completely surprised that the soreness doesn’t impact or stop me from working out. I still have no clue how I’m going to be able to keep increasing intensity every day. By the end of this challenge It is going to have me do so much more than I think I am capable of doing.

Day 4-6: I actually skipped these days. I’m not happy about it, but we had so much planned this weekend and I didn’t want to give up family time. I think I am going to rest on the weekends – which yes it will increase the amount of time I am doing this “30 day” challenge. At this point not sure I even should call it a “30 day” challenge anymore. More like Never ending/Hard as crap challenge!

Day 7: (which is really Day 4 in the workout routine): Well as you know each days workout increases and is basically freakin hard/crazy. Let’s just say missing 3 days was not my best decision to make. I was hurting and exhausted at the end of it. I still have no clue how this is all going to play out but I am wanting to really stick with this one through.

AKA..Day 5: I worked out again!!! This is really an accomplishment in it’s self. I am hurting and it is getting intense, but the soreness still hasn’t stopped me from completing all of the exercises. My husband keeps telling me that you should have a day in-between to let your muscles rest, but I am trying to complete this challenge as close to the design as possible. Well see how it goes.

Day 6 – went well and yes still getting harder, but I feel so good because I have kept up with it!!! Now I’m gonna go rest!

Wrap Up: Well it is going better than I expected, and maybe this is part of my problem – low expectations or negative expectations. I can find the positive in at least I am wanting to work out, at least I am “Kinda” sticking with it and haven’t thrown in the towel. I am going to continue and lest see how this next week goes – I will only post one more – “the final” and this will wrap up my overall experience and what I gained from this challenge.

Let me know how you do with these challenges.


“30 Day” Challenge- Part one

OK, so first let me explain my intense adverse feelings for working out. I absolutely hate it and when I’m done my body reacts like I have been hit by a Mack truck. I desperately want to like working out and I really want to see results, they just never come in my timing ..aka after 3 nights. I think I would stick with my workout schedule if I could ever see results. I know it is completely a mental issue and I just need to come to grips with the process; then I may be able to stick with it long enough to make it a habit and/or see any actual results. All I ever get from working out is feeling like I’m going to puke and over the next couple of days it’s like my muscles hate me.

I always see the work out challenges on Pintrest and want to have the same results as the model in the photos, but I can never get passed the first 3 nights. I don’t need to loose weight, but I desperately need to tone my body. Not only does my complete adverse feelings for working out pressure me in to quitting, but also fitting it into my busy schedule. There isn’t enough time in a day for everything I already have to do, how can I add something else? Well, I have decided to give this another try and write about my journey. I promise I will keep my updates short and filled with complete honesty.

I’m not sure if anyone of you have watched the show “King of Queens,”my husband and I have the entire series and can relate most everyday experiences to this show. Doug, one of the main characters, is the overweight husband that has very little ambition and is completely satisfied with his life as it is. In this particular episode Doug is wanting to try being a “Big Brother” but everyone from his wife Carrie to his best friend Decon keep trying to get him to see that this is a commitment, not just another “hobby” he’ll be tired of in 5 minutes. Throughout the episode they keep reminding him being a Big Brother is not like the time he decided he wanted washboard abs and got an Ab Roller. Every time they would bring this up Doug would scream “I GOT THE FLU!” This has to be one of the funniest episodes. At the very end of the show you see Doug once again try to fulfill his commitment to get washboard abs. The scene starts with him standing in his room. He turns on his music, stretches, and then get the famous Ab Roller out of the closet. He puts it on the floor to start working out and all of a sudden develops a cough. Doug gets up feels his forehead then turns the music off and gets into bed. Doug wraps up in the covers and yells for his wife – “Carrie , I’m sick”. With that his second attempt is done.

I am hoping for a better outcome than Doug, however, we’ll have to see how it goes – fingers crossed!

Well here I go, I will start this challenge and keep you all updated throughout the 30, or so, days.