Top 10 Reasons (not) to Date a Married Man

1.) You enjoy being lonely. Dating a married man means you get second best. You’re always going to be penciled in when it is most convenient for HIM. Looking forward to spending Friday night with your boo? Nah girl, he’s with his family. But he’ll get back to you on Tuesday. 2.) You like showingContinue reading “Top 10 Reasons (not) to Date a Married Man”

Raising Children When is it Complete?

When you are raising your children you hope you are doing a good job, at least you are trying your best. There are times you think your making it and other times you know the “Mother Of The Year” award will never have your name on it. Being a mother has been one of theContinue reading “Raising Children When is it Complete?”

“30 Day” Challenge- Part one

OK, so first let me explain my intense adverse feelings for working out. I absolutely hate it and when I’m done my body reacts like I have been hit by a Mack truck. I desperately want to like working out and I really want to see results, they just never come in my timing ..akaContinue reading ““30 Day” Challenge- Part one”

Make sure you’re happy – in REAL LIFE.

Let me tell you about something I’m coming to realize more and more: The back story: This past weekend I was finally able to escape the everyday stress of work, bills, school, and chores to escape to one of my favorite places. My husband and I used to love motorcycle rides to Red River GorgeContinue reading “Make sure you’re happy – in REAL LIFE.”

Goodbye My Friend – I Love You and Miss You

I know I have written about first impressions and we all know how important those and first encounters are. The way I met Ashley wasn’t the usual way to meet your soon to be best friend. It was freshman year in high school and her boyfriend was causing some issues in English class. I calledContinue reading “Goodbye My Friend – I Love You and Miss You”

How to value being alone.

“How are you?”“Busy.” Have you ever noticed how much we glorify productivity rather than mental health and our own purpose? Do you even know what your purpose is? I’ve noticed that we avoid our own minds. We find every possible thing we can to keep us busy and distracted. Why? Because the very second thatContinue reading “How to value being alone.”


I was watching TV and a commercial came on from a local TV station. It showed two males discussing their new talk show that would air this fall. The two were dressed in casual jeans, a tee shirt, and a suit coat. Suddenly, their female co-host entered in a very casual short skirt and tightContinue reading “RESPECT”

Customer Service – not a job task, it’s a mindset!

I was running late trying to rush to the mall to purchase a couple of pairs of jeans for my boys. I hate going to the mall when I don’t have a lot of time to shop and look around. It’s also never a good idea when I have two very hungry and tired littleContinue reading “Customer Service – not a job task, it’s a mindset!”

Focused Eyes

How do you have it all? This is not a “Have it all” in terms of money, advancement at work, recognition, well-kept house, perfect marriage, well behaved kids, or an unlimited bank account. It’s a good job that allows me to pay the bills, but yet one that I enjoy doing, a husband that standsContinue reading “Focused Eyes”

No storm lasts forever.

Recently, I had a huge eye opening experience. Have you ever been overwhelmed with this calming feeling that, no matter how stressed you may be for whatever reason, everything was going to be okay? I was driving to my hometown to visit my parents for the weekend. I was worrying about everything I had toContinue reading “No storm lasts forever.”