Make sure you’re happy – in REAL LIFE.

Let me tell you about something I’m coming to realize more and more:

The back story:

This past weekend I was finally able to escape the everyday stress of work, bills, school, and chores to escape to one of my favorite places. My husband and I used to love motorcycle rides to Red River Gorge to spend our days hiking, kayaking, eating, and loving nature.

However – planning a wedding, buying a house, going to school, and working full-time pretty much had our finances locked & our “free-time” was non-existent.

We had been talking with good friends about a day trip to the Gorge for months but we never initiated the trip. We always allowed ourselves to be consumed by our “busyness.” Until one day we finally said, enough is enough. We invited our friends to ride along with us and found a weekend we would all set aside a day to just turn off & enjoy nature together. A couple weeks passed and we could not be more excited! We hopped on the motorcycle, drove an hour and a half to one of the most beautiful places around, hiked a short trail, took a long & beautiful drive, and stopped at a local favorite pizza joint for dinner.

It was one of the best days my husband and I had in a long time! You know why? Because we put down our phones, didn’t worry about notifications, turned off the internet and had a genuine good time with REAL LIFE people.

While we were driving back home that evening, that typical automatic thought popped into my head:

“Crap! I forgot to take pictures of my food!”

Really? …. I was so consumed with enjoying myself & having good conversations with great friends – that I actually forgot to take out my phone and take pictures. What a shame!

I instantly felt so guilty for even thinking about something like that. I was willing to give up all the fun times, all the laughter, all the smiles just because I forgot to take a photo worth putting on Instagram.

The point:

Listen – I don’t have to repeat what we’ve all read and heard over and over again. Social media, the internet, etc. is a beautiful thing but also a very dangerous one. Studies time and time again will tell you how dangerous and unhealthy it is for your mental health & your social skills. We live in a world where we would rather enjoy the view from a phone screen than enjoy it with our own eyes. That Saturday, I enjoyed it with my eyes & let me tell you – it was the happiest I’d been in a while. You’re not going to find genuine, quality time like that on the couch, on your phone.

Sometimes I will just stop & watch people. Right now, as I type this, I can see 6 people. Every. Single. One. of them have their heads down, eyes permanently glued to their phones. What a world they are missing around them! Potential friendships, good stories, and fun times are begging for their attention but they’re letting it pass them by. That is just so sad.

This society would rather try to convince you with edited photos and exaggerated stories that their life is better than yours & they have never been happier than to actually go out and live a life worth telling.

The challenge:

Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.

Don’t live for the gram – live for the moment.

Keep it classy,


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In this blog you will read post from two friends that have completely different lives, but similar in that we have a great passion for life and keep it real.

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