How to value being alone.

“How are you?”

Have you ever noticed how much we glorify productivity rather than mental health and our own purpose? Do you even know what your purpose is?

I’ve noticed that we avoid our own minds. We find every possible thing we can to keep us busy and distracted. Why? Because the very second that the chores stop, the music goes silent, the anxiety kicks in. We start to allow ourselves to head straight to the negativity of “I’m not enough,” “I could have done that better,” “What is my significant other up to?” “I haven’t heard from my mom in 2 days,” “Ew, what is that on my face?” “These pants don’t fit like they used to.”

Have you ever thought about ALLOWING the anxiety to set in? Before you ask me, “Why on Earth would I want that?” Stop and listen. How do you become stronger? Overcoming pain. By overcoming a hardship, a challenge, or an obstacle right? If that negativity and the anxiety is painful, OVERCOME IT. Face it head on. Stop and listen. What is there? Is it REALLY as bad as you think it is? Is whatever you’re worrying about really that bad? Start telling yourself the truth instead.

“I’m not enough.” —- “I have so many people who love who I am!”

“I could have done that better.” —- “I did such a good job at ______ today.”

“What is my significant other up to?” —- “My significant other loves me because ______”

“I haven’t heard from my mom in 2 days.” —- “My mom is such an inspirational and amazing woman. I’m going to call her.”

“Ew, what is that on my face?” —- “BEAUTY! Girl, shut up. Wait, that might be a little ranch. Oops, let me get that.”

“These pants don’t fit like they used to.” —- “I am a wonderful mother of amazing humans. I created the miracle of life within my body. I am loved.”

Any negative comment you make about yourself, instead of wasting away within these toxic thoughts, re-wire them. Tell yourself the truth. The more you choose to do this, the happier and more relieved you’ll be. When you get caught up in all the bad, your brain will literally spiral downward and soon enough you won’t be able to focus on anything else.

Before you know it, you’ll enjoy the silence and the alone time.

Focus of today:

Find out who you are by realizing who you don’t want to be.

Who are you?

Keep it crazy,


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In this blog you will read post from two friends that have completely different lives, but similar in that we have a great passion for life and keep it real.

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